A warm welcome

We understand how much effort you’ve put into your studies so you can progress to university. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many exam and assessment cancellations. We can reassure you that we’re still here to warmly welcome you into our learning community this September.

Lots of students apply through clearing and adjustment for different reasons, and making a choice can seem overwhelming. So, let us help you to consider your options. If you’d like to know more about how it all works, find out more with our FAQs.

Is Clearing for me?

Clearing is a brilliant way to find the best course for you. It gives you the opportunity to find a place on a course if you’re yet to secure one.

You’re eligible for Clearing if:

  • Your results don’t meet the conditions of your offer. Your UCAS Track status will read ‘You are now in clearing’
  • You haven’t applied yet
  • You’d like to change your choice of place to study
  • You’re applying through UCAS for the first time after 30th June and have received your results
  • You’ve declined your firm place using the ‘decline my place’ button in Track
Students talking to a member of staff

How can I apply through Clearing?

Pop us a call on 01709 722806. We see you as more than the letters on your results; we’ll want to have a chat with you about why you are interested in studying your chosen course.

During your call with us you’ll need to provide your qualification details, including subjects and grades, your date of birth, contact details and courses you’d like to apply for. If you’re registered with UCAS, you’ll need your UCAS personal ID.

You can also use Clearing Plus. This is a new UCAS service for 2020 which personally matches you to courses you may be interested in, by using information from your application and what universities and colleges are looking for. A button in Track called ‘My matches’ will appear, showing you your top 50 course matches. If you like what you see, you can use Track to tell universities and colleges and tell them you’re interested in their course; if they have vacancies and you meet their entry requirements they may call you.

When can I apply through Clearing?

Clearing is open from Monday 6th July, and you can view our vacancies here.

Our phone lines are open 9am – 5pm from Monday to Friday on 01709 722806.

You can also email us at clearing@rnngroup.ac.uk

Is Adjustment for me?

Results better than expected? Well done! If your results exceed the entry requirements for your conditional offer then you have the option to use UCAS adjustment to find an alternative course. Rest assured, if you do choose Adjustment you keep your original offer.

How can I apply through Adjustment?

Register for Adjustment in UCAS Track. There’s no vacancy list for Adjustment – you’ll need to get in touch with us to talk about vacancies in a course you’d like to study. Find out what you can study with us here. If you receive an offer, you verbally accept and we would add this to your application. You can only accept one offer – so make sure you’re confident it’s the right choice! Your Track screen will update with your new choice and you’ll receive a confirmation letter.

When can I apply through Adjustment?

Adjustment is open from 13th August – 31st August, but you have just 5 days from when you receive your unconditional offer to use Adjustment, meaning UCAS Adjustment ends for most students around 18th August.

Our advice? Get in touch with us as soon as you can.