Three students playing musical instruments

Our Performance courses are designed to provide you with a range of skills that are highly desired in the modern performance industry. We offer degrees in Popular Music Performance and Production and in Theatre, Acting and Performance.

Learning in industry-standard facilities, you will build valuable contacts and take part in live projects in partnership with a range of organisations.

Our Popular Music Performance and Production course offers real life opportunities for building a portfolio of valuable experience and relevant employer links. You will be enrolled in the Roland Music Academy and have access to our specialised facilities including live music rehearsal rooms, the region’s only silent live performance suite, recording studios, editing facilities and a working studio theatre performance space.

On our Theatre, Acting and Performance course you will be exposed to many organisations such as Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) events team, A Mind Apart Theatre, Open Minds Theatre Company – Life Act, Break-Out Arts, Next Left Political Theatre Collective, Rotherham Music, Rotherham United and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue as well as the opportunity to deliver workshops to local schools.

“University Centre Rotherham is a friendly and welcoming environment that helps me explore my creativity.”

Alyssa Kerry
Alyssa Kerry BA (Hons) in Popular Music Performance and Production Y1


The performance sector is ideal for those who are interested in the production and delivery of events and performances.

Performing arts students


Average salary - £32,700

Musicians write, arrange, orchestrate, conduct and perform musical compositions.

Day-to-day tasks**:
  • Learn and rehearse music pieces
  • Look after your voice and instrument
  • Set up your instrument before performances
  • Perform in front of an audience
  • Prepare for and attend auditions
Working environments

You could work in a theatre, at a music venue or at a recording studio.

*EMSI 2021 **


Average salary - £43,500*

Producers plan the organisation of productions including films and stage productions.

Day-to-day tasks**:
  • Hire staff, cast and crew
  • Pitch to television broadcasters to commission your programme
  • Read scripts and plan filming schedules
  • Work with marketing companies and distributors
  • Work out what resources are needed
  • Check and approve locations
Working environments

You could work at a TV studio, in an office, at a film studio or on a film set. Your working environment may be outdoors some of the time and you may spend nights away from home.

*EMSI 2021 **

In-demand skills that commonly appear in job descriptions for roles within the performance sector include*:

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Detail Oriented
  • Planning
  • Enthusiasm

What our students say

“The course gives me specific skills which I can use in the industry once I graduate, and the tutors are always there to support me if I need it.”

Marcus Kamsika
Marcus Kamsika Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Theatre, acting and performance

“I’m finding what I learn on my course really useful and it is providing me with skills to use after my time here. UCR is easily accessible and local which suits me.”

Jessica Atkin
Jessica Atkin Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Theatre, acting and performance