What is Contextual Admissions?

We aim to widen participation and fair access and welcome applications from students of all backgrounds.

Contextual admissions is a university admissions process that takes into consideration an applicant’s individual circumstances and background when reviewing their application, rather than solely focusing on their academic achievements. This means that universities can consider factors such as an applicant’s socioeconomic status, family background and the quality of the schools they attended when making admissions decisions.

The goal of contextual admissions is to create a more diverse student body and provide opportunities for students who may have faced additional challenges in their academic journey.

At University Centre Rotherham, our contextual admissions policy aims to widen participation and improve access to Higher Education (HE), and we welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.

We use additional information as part of the undergraduate admissions process, taking into account the context in which an applicant has achieved – or will achieve – their qualifications, to provide greater understanding of their potential to study an undergraduate degree programme with us.

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