Student Support Services

We’re that helping hand and friendly face to ensure you make the most of your learning journey

We understand that taking your next steps in education can be an exciting, but also daunting, experience. Our friendly lecturers and support staff get to know you as an individual and provide you with a warm welcome to help you settle in.

We listen to you

Your voice matters, and if your learning experience isn’t going as you hoped then we’re here to offer support. Our counselling service staff are always happy to chat through any of your concerns and queries. You can also participate in and share ideas for improvement with our Student Union, who help ensure your opinions and views are listened to.

Additional support services

Our Additional Learning Support department provides advice, guidance and support for current and prospective students. If you disclose a disability or long-term health condition you will be offered an appointment to discuss your personal support needs. We will work closely with you, your curriculum department and other specialist services to put reasonable adjustments in place for you.  We will write an undergraduate support plan for you and help you to apply for Disabled Student Allowance if this is appropriate for you. 

Contact us

Call: 01709 722728

Higher Education Additional Learning Support
Town Centre Campus
Eastwood Lane,
S65 1EG

General support

If you’re looking for general support, we can provide a wide range of help. Through our Student Services Team, you can book out rooms and resources to make the most of your learning. We can also direct you to relevant staff who are happy to provide tailored support including course guidance, sexual health advice, help to stop smoking and additional learning support.

HE Achievement Coach

Beth Hall, our HE Achievement Coach, provides personalised support to our HE learners. She works closely with your Course Leaders to make sure you get the help you need, especially if you’re ever identified as needing a little extra support to ensure your success.

Beth provides a range of services for HE learners on a one-to-one basis. This includes:

Academic/Study skills

  • Research 
  • Interpreting assignment briefs 
  • Planning for assignments
  • Time management 
  • Academic writing
  • Referencing and citations
  • Paraphrasing 
  • Structure

Pastoral guidance and referrals 

  • Information, advice and guidance on student support services available to HE learners
  • Referrals to the Student Support Team, Additional Learning Support and other appropriate services 

To schedule a one-to-one, you can reach out to Beth directly using the following contact details:

Call: 01709 362111 Ext. 2616
Google Chat: Bethany Hall