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Getting Back into the Groove After the Winter Break

21 January 2022

Christmas – a time for having lots of fun, eating your body weight in chocolate, and forgetting the meaning of the word ‘gym’. However, even though Christmas is a much-needed break for us all, it can be difficult to get back in to the swing of things post-December. But you can still get January kick started! There is so much to place your energy in to, whether that be your studies or a new healthy routine. You can still get back into the groove and shake the January blues; you just need a place to start.

Ready to transition from the Winter break into a smashing 2022? Let’s have a look at our top tips below in a handy guide to finding your mojo again.

Pick up where you left off with your hobbies – or start a new one!

Do you find it difficult to throw yourself back into your hobbies and interests after a very relaxed Christmas break? Fear not, as you are not alone. You may find it difficult to get back in to the gym, or to stay focused on an interest after a period of time away from it. But, there are ways around this! One top tip is planning for your hobbies. You could add time for your hobbies into your calendar, perhaps starting at once a week, and then increasing this as you pick back up your routine and feel comfortable.

As well as old hobbies, you may find motivating yourself to pick up new hobbies impossible. However, encouraging yourself to try new things may allow you to find an activity that you never knew you would enjoy. Maybe focus on an old hobby and try to expand on this. If you were a regular gym goer before Christmas, and are finding difficult to get back into your routine, taking part in a fitness class could be a fun way to get you back into your stride!

Get ahead of the game with your studies

Ask yourself – is there anything that I am behind on with my studies, or struggling with? January can be a great time to reflect on what you may need help with, and where to get this help. Coming back after the winter break and having to revise for hours may seem very, very boring, but there are ways to make it more productive.

You could start up a study group with your friends or classmates, and ask them for guidance on anything you are confused about. Still can’t get to grips with your studies? Ask a lecturer, as they will be more than happy get your 2022 studying back on track.

Look towards the future of 2022

So, now you have a basic plan of how to knock the socks off of January, how can you use this to have a great 2022? Well, use both your hobbies and studies to look towards your future. Do you know what you want 2022 to hold? If not, that’s fine! No one expects you to have your whole life mapped out for the year ahead. But drawing on your hobbies and studies can create future goals.

For example, if you love to run and can’t find the motivation get back out there, why not plan to take part in a 10k or half marathon later in the year? This way, you certainly can not avoid the running. If this kind of dedication is too much too soon, perhaps a study goal could be a better idea. If there is a grade you had hoped to achieve, set this is a target, and plan your studying around this.

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself!

This tip is the most important of them all! Getting back into the groove after the winter break is tough. Some may find it easier than others, but if you are struggling, that is perfectly fine. If you beat yourself up too much, you’ll find getting back into a routine an even more difficult task. Take moving past December at your own pace, and whatever you feel comfortable with. Bearing all these tips in mind will help you get back into the groove without overwhelming yourself.

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