Access to Health student, Naomi Hall, at her graduation for her first-class honours, ensuring her place for a Master’s degree.

Master of Success: Access to Health Student Enrolled for a Master’s Degree

22 April 2022

A University Centre Rotherham Access to Health graduate has since gone on to complete her undergraduate study and enrol on to her Master’s degree for later in the year.

Naomi Hall graduated from University Centre Rotherham five years ago and was a mature student from Kenya. Upon her move to the UK, she was told her qualifications were not equivalent to UK Maths and English courses, meaning she also enrolled in her GCSEs alongside her access course.

She then went on to study health and sciences at The University of Sheffield after meeting her conditional offer and passing her ESOL assessment, graduating with first-class honours, ensuring her place for a Master’s degree. She did all of this whilst balancing working as a carer for people with complex disabilities and health issues, proving she was dedicated to her studies. 

On the Access Course, Naomi learned about the psychology of behaviours, perspectives regarding health and illness and the organisation of health care. All of these topics equipped her with the knowledge she needed to be successful at university.

One topic, in particular, helped Naomi tremendously on her degree, which was knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. The knowledge she gained enabled her to continue with human biology throughout her degree, achieving impressive scores between 82%-96% overall in this subject area.

Naomi currently works as a consultant in a care agency in Sheffield as she awaits to continue her studies. She stated that without the access course, university would have been a lot more challenging for her. 

She said: ‘’The Access to Health Course prepared me for university, as I believe without this I would not have had the foundations I needed to be successful.

‘’The topics that were taught in class prepared me for university, as I already had the prior knowledge I needed. I graduated with 39 distinctions and 6 merits within my modules, which I could not have done without my tutors. 

‘’Being able to study for a master’s degree is fantastic, and I owe that to the Access Course at University Centre Rotherham.’’

Gina Burgess, Curriculum Team Leader in Access to Health Science Professions, stated that Naomi was a fantastic student and was dedicated enough to overcome all the challenges she faced.

She said: ‘’Naomi was a pleasure to have in the class and I feel honoured to have played a small part in her amazing journey to success.

‘’Naomi has remained in touch and is forever grateful for the opportunities the Access Course gave her.

‘’Access Courses allow students like Naomi to have the career and future they have always wanted.’’


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