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Reaching Your Dream Career

7 March 2022

Your dream career – now doesn’t that sound nice? However, you might be thinking, how do I get there? It’s all about how hard you work and how much you take advantage of your educational experience with us that will help you excel. Here at University Centre Rotherham, we are here to support you and push you to achieve your dream career.

So, with National Careers Week here (make sure you check it out!), how exactly can you reach your dream career? Here are our handy top-tips to help you unlock your potential…

Make the most out of your degree

The most important aspect to becoming successful in any career is laying down the appropriate foundations to do so. Here at University Centre Rotherham, we want you to make the most of it! The amount of opportunity here is vast and there are so many links to industry to take advantage of.

Whilst learning with us, you can make key relationships with employers, which could lead to a career once you graduate. Another key tip to remember whilst on campus is to be kind – it’s all good and well being the number one student in class, but character also gets you a long way in life. Studying locally means you get to be part of our community and we value everyone equally here at University Centre Rotherham. Experience your degree in every way possible, grab every opportunity you can, and really enjoy it! It will get you far.

Be ready to learn

To reach your dream career, you’ve got to find a starting place. Getting on to the career ladder enables you to climb it, and to do so you need to be prepared to learn. We can provide you with the knowledge and theory you need to graduate and progress within your career. Learning on the job is also important for excelling within your career, so having Higher Education theory to apply to tasks will help you be a success. No two jobs within an industry are the same and that is important to remember. Getting good at your role through using applied knowledge and experience will help you excel.

Remember – communication is key

Whilst loving your job is the fundamental key to success, it is also important to love the team around you. Building good relationships whilst at University prepares you for the workplace and how being part of a team may feel. Teamwork is key to any role that you will find yourself in so getting along with others will enable your tasks to be easier and more productive. Getting along with your team also facilitates effective communication – this will make the end goal more achievable. Our community facilitates excellent communication, as we are a small and friendly local University Centre and we pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome. Many courses are also studied on other campuses such as Dearne Valley and North Notts, which may allow you to practice your communication skills in different settings.

Accept feedback gracefully

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has character flaws and things they wish they could change. This could be wanting to change your love for cake and biscuits to become a gym buff, or it could be as simple as trying to give out more compliments in a day. This also applies to your work and future dream career. When submitting an essay, more often than not you probably won’t achieve 100%. There may be projects on your course that you could have done differently to achieve the end goal and your tutors may provide feedback on this – accept it! Feedback is only ever positive as it will improve you as an individual which you can take forward within your career once you graduate. Never get offended by constructive criticism as the only person it benefits is yourself. It will also show great character, so as a whole will certainly help you achieve your dream career.

Take initiative

Just because you may find yourself at a loose end, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take initiative and find something to do. Taking initiative reflects that you as an individual only want to benefit the role you are in, and that you will go above and beyond to benefit the company. It will also give you a great reference to take with you into your next role, as pushing yourself to be the best will always get you far. Obviously, have rests and don’t take on far too much, but going that extra mile will benefit you. We provide plenty of extra opportunity to get stuck in to, such as becoming a student ambassador. Not only will this be a fun role to take on, but it will be extremely rewarding helping others.

Finally…enjoy the ride!

Last but not least, enjoy your higher education journey! It will be quite the journey, and will develop you as an individual and help you take that next step to a dream career. Being the best version of yourself will enable you to get the most out of higher education, which can open so many doors for you once you graduate.

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