Roundtable Discussion – Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber

Roundtable Discussion – Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber

22 March 2023

Digital skills form an essential part of the skill set required for today’s workforce. The process of digitisation has gained more momentum in every industry than ever before, and it is imperative that the students also catch up with that speed by upgrading their knowledge and hands-on experience with digital tools. In order to revisit and improve the curricula and incorporate the elements of digital skills in the studies, a Roundtable Discussion was organised by the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber at University Centre Rotherham on 16th March 2023.

Shane Young, Head of Commercial & Partnerships at Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber organised this Rotherham based LSIP Focus Group.

The Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) is an initiative led by the region’s three Chambers to drive skills improvements in South Yorkshire. One shortage already identified is within Digital Skills. But we need to know more, and specifically, how this affects our local business communities. 

The Chambers organised a Rotherham based LSIP Focus Group, which was designed to bring a handful of local businesses together to discuss the current digital skills agenda. The aim here is to overhaul the region’s skills system by giving employers more of a say in what they want to see from training provision and education curriculums.

Key businesses from across the region were invited Focus Group to help us shape the discussion and tell us what they need from their current and future workforce, and how the skills system can better prepare them.

James Godsell, Director of Employer Partnerships, represented the RNN Group in the discussion and shared information about the initiatives taken by the Group to support students and staff in developing Digital Skills for the modern world.

The session was very insightful and gave the Chambers some key information that will be used to help drive the change and improvements around Digital Skills.

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