Springing into Action: Guest Speaker Session on Sustainability

Springing into Action: Guest Speaker Session on Sustainability

21 February 2023

Climate change and sustainability form an essential part of learning about society in today’s world. The faculty of Engineering at University Centre Rotherham organized a guest speaker session on 7th February for the students in which Mark Hayes was invited to share his knowledge and experience on the subject.

The presentation included insights about the use of renewables to reduce carbon emissions and what changes must be made in the industries of the future to make the shift towards greener fuels and sustainable engineering practices. Sustainable engineering is all about designing technologies and implementing various processes and systems that can prevent and control a range of environmental risks, and reduce or reverse the impact environmental damage.

The students gained precious information from the session and responded with a positive feedback, indicating the need for more sessions on the topic as part of the lessons in the Engineering courses.

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