Wentworth Woodhouse from above.

Wentworth Woodhouse Inspiring Heritage Exhibition: An Array of Artistic Exuberance

12 April 2023

The spring season in Rotherham witnessed a fresh breath of air with a wave of creativity at Wentworth Woodhouse. The ‘Inspiring Heritage’ Exhibition showcased works of art by students studying Fine and Applied Art, Graphic Design, Media and Photography at Rotherham College and University Centre Rotherham.

The Inspiring Heritage Exhibition was set up in Wentworth Woodhouse from 7th March throughout the month and saw several hundreds of visitors appreciate the artwork by the young talent.

The students were challenged with a task to produce any kind of artwork on the themes of ‘Wealth and Power’, ‘The role of Women’ and ‘Georgian bling’. The artists portrayed their viewpoints on the subjects with clothing, architecture, money and precious belongings, and even teeth.

Richard Lyon, Curriculum Leader – Visual and Performing Arts, supported the students throughout their journey from ideation to execution and encouraged them not to hold back. The result is a fabulous manifestation of imagination onto objects and canvases.

Steve Ash, volunteer at Wentworth Woodhouse in the Digital Media section, was ecstatic about the quality of artwork and the diversity of thoughts visible through them. He particularly mentioned the visitors’ feedback as extremely positive because he could see them spending much more time in the corridors with the artwork than usual. They inquired about the origins of the artwork and conveyed their appreciation to the young artists. Steve has even asked few of the artists to have their exhibited in the upcoming exhibitions at Wentworth Woodhouse.

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